Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toys R Us

These are only some of the highlights of the bizarre insanity that is the Museum of Old Toys in Mexico City. The museum takes up about three dusty floors of a building near downtown DF and is the private collection and brainchild of an ornery Japanese man who has been amassing enormous amounts of toys, with no discernible criteria, but who also created some of the displays out of abandoned industrial parts. It offers a nostalgic trip to the toys you had, the ones you coveted, the ones you broke and the ones your parents refused to get you. If anything, it is also a panorama into the mind of a man who never met clutter he didn't like, and whose concept of curating is just to stack shit together in vague thematic ways. 
The museum store also happens to sell Japanese food. Only in Mexico.

I have no words
Betty Boop ad infinitum
A tower of ex-president Salinas puppets
Mexico beckons 
Why is this a toy?
Brothers Quay, move over.
Two story tall head that used to belong to a dancehall
"Remember your happy childhood"