Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bring on the Lard

I was about to get a heart attack when I heard of the NYC ban on transfats. But I calmed down when I heard it's only the artificial transfats that are being sent to Siberia. I hope this means that people will still be able to cook with lard if they choose to, and that foods like Charles Southern Fried Chicken will not become sorry shadows of what they used to be. About fast food joints I couldn't care less because I do not patronize them. But I hope this ban better leaves untouched the good legitimate food that is our right to enjoy as New Yorkers.
Still, there is something very unsettling about a mayor who is in a crusade to restrict people from choosing their poison, instead of dealing with other quality of life issues where we simply don't seem to have a choice; such as THE RAT INFESTATION all over town, THE TONS OF GARBAGE THE RATS CALL HOME, and THE UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF NOISE everywhere-- issues, which in my view, also affect our health greatly, and personally make me extremely cranky.
I don't think it is the government business to tell us what to eat. People who are fat and eat unhealthy foods will continue to do so. The poor, who can't afford to shop for ramps and baby arugula at the greenmarket, will continue to eat junk food and I can assure you that their health will pay for it, regardless of the kind of fat in their fries.

Meanwhile, 65 people got very sick with e.coli because of green onions at Taco Bell. I'm sorry but that is what happens to you for eating at Taco Bell in the first place. Who in their right mind considers Taco Bell food?

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