Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

I ran out of tissues. I think I ran out of snot.
I was stuck at the Middle Enchilada's home in Mexico City, unable to go to an election night party because of a terrible airplane accident that killed Mexico's Interior Minister (the number 2 man in power) and which blocked traffic in the city for hours.
So I watched by myself in amazement as the networks called the election for Obama relatively early into the night. By what looks to me like a landslide. Florida, Colorado, Ohio, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, for crying out loud. What a fitting reprieve.
And when I saw Obama and his formidable, beautiful, magnificent family on that stage, when I heard that sober, measured and fantastic speech, when I saw Biden's family mingle with the Obamas, well I just bawled like I haven't bawled in a looooong time.
My darling friends in New York called me to celebrate and congratulate and I could hear the joy and the noise and the relief and the happiness.
Americans, you did well. Finally.

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  1. katya1:55 AM

    its amazing, nyc is erupting. good day for all of us.
    now i am going to sleep for 12 hours. good night!