Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ahora Resulta: Chocolate Milk

Ahora resulta is a wonderful phrase in Spanish that means, "now it turns out", usually applied with dripping irony. Well, ahora resulta that, according to science, chocolate milk, which I love but have been avoiding like the plague for years in order not to gain pounds, is very, very good for you.
Move over, red wine. Make room for chocolate milk. A new study suggests that regular consumption of skim milk with flavonoid-rich cocoa may reduce inflammation, potentially slowing or preventing development of atherosclerosis. Researchers noted, however, that the effect was not as pronounced as that seen with red wine.
Scientists in Barcelona, Spain...
Aha! The key to this magnificent discovery is the Barcelonity (Barcelonaness, Barcelonism, Barcelonicity?) of the scientists in question. No doubt fueled by their love of local chocolate miracle drink CacaoLat, they had to come up with better reasons to drink it. 
I bet the people at Hershey's and Quik are already pasting this info on their labels as we speak. 

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