Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mexico: It's My Party and I Cry if I Want to

Tomorrow it's Mexico's 200 birthday, and sadly, it is clear that the party mood has been seriously dampened by the horrible violence of its current war on drugs.
Mexico is waging a proxy war for the US with nary a word of thanks, because it is in the US that most of those drugs are consumed, and it is the US that mostly sells arms to the narcos, but never mind. No one here wants to acknowledge this fact, preferring to leave Mexico to deal with the fallout of ineffective American anti-drug policies and its endless drug frenzy. Meanwhile, murderers enrich themselves and terrorize Mexico with impunity. I wonder if they don't feel even a pang of guilt at being the worst party poopers in history. They should be ashamed of themselves, of the savagery and the irreparable harm they have done to the country.
However, I say if we let these bastards ruin the party, we're kind of letting them win.
I was happy to see, just this last 9/11, that people were out and about partying in that particularly carefree New York way that riles the extremists that so want to blow it up.
There is much to celebrate on Mexico's birthday.
Hell, I celebrate the mere existence of Mexican food every second of my waking life (and sometimes in my dreams). 
So let's cry into our tequila and celebrate 200 years of a magnificent country.


  1. Not really any need to cry with the tequila. Just get pissed.

  2. here, here.
    a sense of responsiblity seems, for the most part out of date. the buck, keeps getting passed left and right, & everyone, it seems, feels that they're entitled...to what? I say let them drink tequila & plenty of it.
    let mexico/the world celebrate till they're blue agave in the face & swollen from so much mezcal that they can't stand themselves & maybe just maybe in turning their new leaf they'll consider other people. Q Viva Mexico!