Friday, February 25, 2011

Enigma of The Week: Churros

I wake up today to find that my recent post on fried dough delicacies aka as churros broke all records for queries in one day, getting hundreds of queries yesterday, and threatening to unseat the number one post of all time, which still is Mexican Japanese peanuts (followed by What Makes You Sick in Mexico and Shocking Nazi Photos).
Am I missing something? Why this sudden global interest in the magnificent, greasy churro? Is this a secret code for revolution?
For the queries come from every corner of the planet: from Arlington, Texas, to Campagnia, Puglia and Lazio in Italy, Munich, Germany; Charleston, West Virginia; Oxford, England; Pune, India; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Auckland, New Zealand and various cities in Canada.
Juay de Churro? Juay?
For all those enquiring minds, I must humbly confess that the lovely churro is not a Mexican but a Spanish invention. By the way, the best churros I've ever eaten are  porras con chocolate at Casa Aranda, Málaga, Spain. Absolute heaven.

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  1. Juay de Churro, now *that* is hilarious!!!