Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Do Israel No Favors

There are some self-righteous Jews out there, who, thinking that Israel can't survive without their help, end up causing more harm than good. These are the people who scream when a movie like Miral* is screened at the UN, hereby causing it to gain far more attention not only than it deserves, but that it would have ever gotten if they had not raised a stink in the first place. Or like this guy on the board of CUNY, who decides that playwright Tony Kushner does not deserve a honorary degree because he doesn't happen to agree with Kushner's views on Israel. I'm sure Kushner is no Netanyahu, but he is not Ahmadinejad either. And unless he is cheerleading for the wholesale destruction of Israel, which I'm sure he isn't, what does that have anything to do with his making the list for an honorary degree?  This is, contrary to its intended effect, bad for the Jews. Because it gives ammunition to those idiots who think we indeed control everything.
So use your seichel (brain) before you open your mouth. Also, there is such a thing as freedom of thought and expression. They happen to have it in Israel. You may want to look it up.

*The Jews who are so ashamed of Israel that they make it look worse than it is, also deserve a zets in kop.

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