Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Barack, It's Me Enchilada

When I have nothing better to do, I like to check in on the souls that read this little blog. There's my loyal reader in Finland, sundry readers who want to know about churros and/or Nazis, or who like me, hate bed & breakfasts, or somebody in Riga, Latvia, in need of info about micheladas.
So imagine my surprise when I saw this in my stats page:

Is David Plouffe coming to get me? Am I a target for a CIA covert assassination plot a la Abbottabad? Or could this be the very Barack H. Obama I've been giving grief to for the last couple of weeks? If this is the case, let me put on my make up. 

Hey, Barack, (you dreamboat, you) if you can hear me: HI!!!!

How's it going? Not too good this Summer, huh?  Well, at least you are not David Cameron. The rioting hasn't started stateside yet.

I'm sure you understand why I'm upset with you. You, of all people, are very hard to accept as a disappointment. I never believed you were a die-hard liberal, but when people start missing the liberal policies of Richard Nixon while a Democratic president is in office (and not any Democrat; you, sir: hope personified), it means we're in deep doodoo. What pains me and many fellow Obamaniacs, is that you seem to have landed to the right of moderate Republicans. We don't understand where you are coming from. You got a raw deal coming after the Worst President Ever, but there is no reason why you should make it rawer. I hate it when I read that your administration is still practicing many of your predecessor's odious policies. I do not agree with your policy of non-confrontation and conflict avoidance. It probably sounds good and lofty enough on paper but in reality it makes you weaker. You cannot be above the fray. You ARE the fray. You won the mandate from the American people and now you have to lead and impose the values that got you to this office in the first place. Screw compromise. Compromise works when the two sides are rational, but this is not the case with your Republican foes.
So please stop being nice to Republicans, listen to Warren Buffett, raise taxes on the rich and the corporations, make sure the horribly watered down health bill goes into effect and don't forget to run the country, instead of a campaign.
If you do this, and raise stimulus spending, stop dicking around with immigration, and please your die-hard constituents like moi, I will vote for you come 2012.
Don't think for a second, and this goes for your campaign advisers too, that I will vote for you no matter how much you screw up because there are no better alternatives. I don't care if this country goes to hell in a hand basket. I will castigate the democratic party if you guys don't get your act together. This may be the first time in my life that I sit out an election. Or I may vote for Rand Paul, just for spite.


ps: my best to Michelle (luv her) and the girls.

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