Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Favorite Vidalisms

Goodbye, Gore Vidal, and thanks for these remarks:

"A good deed never goes unpunished."

"The United States was founded by the brightest people in the country — and we haven't seen them since."

"The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return."

"The more money an American accumulates, the less interesting he becomes."

"Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little."

"It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail."

"The four most beautiful words in our common language: "I told you so."

"There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise." 
(My sentiments exactly) 

Clerk: "Have a nice day". Vidal: "I have other plans".

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