Friday, June 27, 2008

$600 Bush dollars

I just got my "economic stimulus" little check from the federal government. Until yesterday's horrendous slide of the stock market, I was thinking of donating them in full to Obama's campaign.
I was thinking of donating this evil money to whatever would hurt Bush and the Republicans the most.
You are welcome to contribute ideas.
Until yesterday's beginning of a love fest between Hil and Barack, I was thinking of giving the money to him, so he can be our President. I just don't want him to use the money to pay back her debt. What is that about? How dare they talk about unity NOW? Why didn't they think about freaking unity when they were tearing each other to shreds (or rather one of them was trying to tear the other one to shreds). How soon they forget! Assholes.
Now I'm wondering if I should not hold on to it for when the shit really hits the fan, which promises to be rather soon.
Perhaps the Republicans knew they were destroying the economy all along and they knew that the best way for us not to use that money against them is to just crush the economy of this country, so we hold on to the $600 to buy groceries. As if this is going to help us out of the shithole they've sunk us in. Motherfuckers.
As you can see, I'm upset.

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  1. Right on! You said it ALL....all I can say is thank God I live in Mexico...........