Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know

This is a sample of the keywords this humble blog gets on a given day:
(my favorites in bold)
drill down36.12%chinese monuments
drill down24.08%sick from mexico
drill down24.08%sick in mexico
drill down24.08%mexican japanese
drill down12.04%mrs.kiernans boobs
drill down12.04%chavez y rabino cohen
drill down12.04%lime coated peanuts japan style
drill down12.04%camorran ny film
drill down12.04%the grande enchilada blogspot
drill down12.04%judy mam
drill down12.04%japanese peanuts mexico
drill down12.04%synecdoche ny worst movies
drill down12.04%hoquy beret
drill down12.04%is it that easy to get sick in mexico
drill down12.04%can guacamole make you sick
drill down12.04%mrs candela bbobs
drill down12.04%the wrestler is a metaphor for america
drill down12.04%enchilada pee smell
drill down12.04%paleton corona enchilada
drill down12.04%macarons, inland empire
drill down12.04%what the fuck is an enchilada?
drill down12.04%japanese guy on mexico city airport
drill down12.04%enchilada commercials
drill down12.04%bob & carol & ted & alice
drill down12.04%expensive hair salons in mexicodf
drill down12.04%celine dion torchers
drill down12.04%new york pet peeves
drill down12.04%mexican nazis
drill down12.04%woolworths of mexico city
drill down12.04%dirk bogarde blogspot
drill down12.04%what is the yellow drink on zohan
drill down12.04%fizzy bubbelech drink
drill down12.04%will the ice in drinks make you ill in mexico
drill down12.04%nishikawa peanuts
drill down12.04%get sick from the food in mexico?
drill down12.04%mexico water sick
drill down12.04%the grande enchilada
drill down12.04%fidgeting annoying
drill down12.04%japanese guy in airport
drill down12.04%yucca gnocchi
drill down12.04%let the last one in
drill down12.04%yuca in caracas
drill down12.04%yuca fries in caracas
drill down12.04%mrs snapp boobs

People are crazy. Blogging is fun.

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