Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cafecito Cubano

It is not possible to stop by Miami without having the cafecito cubano.
I am extraordinarily sensitive to caffeine, since I do not drink coffee and consider myself a naturally hyper person. But I can't come to Miami and not have a thimble full of this fortifying elixir. I thought I was going to be climbing the walls yesterday night, but I slept quite well. And it kept me alert and awake through focus groups, which is an achievement.
I also had a fine dish of ropa vieja with perfect white rice and excellent black beans. I love good Cuban food.
Now, I look at Miami, with its sunny weather and cheaper real estate and Spanish speaking people and the thought crosses my mind that "when I get older, losing my hair, many years from now", I may want to come here to retire?
Like the rest of those tanned elderly ladies who do aqua-aerobics in the freezing Biltmore pool?
A crazy, sobering thought, but I am hereby reporting it is crossing my mind.

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