Monday, February 02, 2009

Superbowl Ads

The best, as far as I'm concerned, is the Career Builder spot about hating your job.
Hilarious, unforgettable, flawlessly executed, brilliant concept. Better by far than anything else in the running. I love that screaming lady in the car.
The spot was also very funny and very well done, but it pales in comparison.
The Denny's mafiosi pancake spot, very funny.
The E-Trade with the two babies, lovely, funny, killer. I love that campaign. Go people, put some money in stocks right now!
I really like the Miller High Life One Second commercial (it's 2 seconds) and I like that campaign. The guy is fantastic.
I really liked the Coke ads better than the Pepsi. The Coke avatar ad was fun (though with a sappy ending) and the animated ad is a huge improvement, in my view, from last year's happiness factory which got on my nerves. Still, none of the Coke ads are as good as the Thanksgiving balloon spot, which I love. The new tagline, "open happiness" is just right for Coke. It bothers me that they ad the little jingle at the end of the music scores. No need.
Meanwhile, Pepsi feels like is trying too hard. The anthem spot using Will I. Am and American icons like Bob Dylan and gazillions of dollars in footage seemed underwhelming. I hate the ending with the split screen. We get the picture. No need to be so literal. Total anticlimax.
The McGruber spot was stupid and unfunny.
As for Bud Light, Drinkability is a leaden marketing concept and it reeks. The ads just seem to work around it, because there is little you can do with it. Not even the Conan ad was funny.
I hate the Clysdale ads.
The SoBe ballet dancing footballers. Stupid.
The Audi ad with Jason Statham. Love him, hate the ad.

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