Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heartsinking News

Besides everything that is going on with the economy, that is:

• Hugo Chavez gets his referendum passed whereby he is potentially on the road to becoming another insane megalomaniac, two bit dictator. I'm just hoping oil prices drop and he starts getting on the last nerve of his people. Unfortunately, the pathetic opposition doesn't have a viable contender yet.
I think Chavez has indeed done some things for the poor people of Venezuela, whether the people who hate him admit it or not. The poor adore him. The middle class hates him. There are many more poor than not, so he wins.
On the other hand, there is a lot he hasn't done, like control rampant violent crime or curb the astonishing corruption of the government. Oil money can get a lot done, but he isn't really spreading it around.
Also, looking at things in retrospect, I find it quite interesting that his government-backed spurt of antisemitism happened right before the referendum. People like him and Ahmadinejad know that, unfortunately, hating Jews it's great PR.
I hate populists.

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