Wednesday, February 11, 2009

America loves a witch hunt

First Salem, Massachussetts.
Then the McCarthy trials.
Now it's politicians who don't pay their taxes, stoner mermen, and skeezy ball players.
Whether they are right or wrong, the spectacle of everyone tearing their garments and scrutinizing these people is more disturbing than anything they may have done. Let me explain:

As if we didn't know already that politicians are utterly corrupt. Instead of screaming like banshees over the undecipherable tax code that not even accountants can ever hope to master, instead of scrutinizing the finances of the husband of one of the nominees, why don't we just do two things:
a) Change the tax code
b) Reform campaing financing and END lobbyism. (okay, three).
That should do the trick.

As if we were so naive as to think that A-Rod never took steroids. Puhleeeze! And why is this relevant now? Let me make things simple for you: if you run into a professional athlete that makes gazillions of dollars and whose abilities seem superhuman, chances are he's on the dope. GET OVER IT, you freaking crybabies! What did you think?

As for poor Michael Phelps, of the above, he's the saddest one, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with him puffing the peace pipes once in a while, like 3/4 of the human race. Whoever took that picture is a real asshole.
Decriminalize pot and presto. He can still be our hero.

What a country of hypocrites. I love America, but the hypocrisy, the holier than though puritanical streak, the morbid scrutiny of alleged malfeasance, it drives me crazy. This isn't the freaking seventeenth century, goddamit. Grow up.

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