Saturday, May 09, 2009

Appoint Me!

Now that Judge Souter is retiring, it's time for me to campaign. I've always wanted to be a Supreme Court Judge. Judge Judy, yes, why not? People are saying Obama should appoint a woman, or a gay person or a handicapped person, or whoever you feel at this minute is at some sort of disadvantage or could be the poster person for whatever politically correct mishegoss you desire.
This is what I think, and I posted this comment in the New York Times:

Obama needs to appoint the absolute best person for the job, who will counteract the reactionary conservatives in the court and who is smart, young and in perfect health, so they can be there for the long haul. I certainly hope that he will take into account the prospects’ qualifications, and their judicial philosophy, rather than just make a politically correct gesture. This is what makes liberals ridiculous.

Except for the perfect health part, which as a good Jew I'm never certain of, I think I qualify.
Aren't people tired of political correctness? I'm sure there are plenty of female candidates that are totally qualified for the job. But they should not be considered because they are women, but because they are qualified. If there is a gay person who would be the most brilliant justice ever, then that person should be considered, because of their brilliance and nothing else.

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  1. I completely agree with you. To be chosen because you are a woman or other kind of "freak" condition for men in power is not good enough. People should be chosen for what they essentially are.