Monday, May 25, 2009

On a clear day you can see forever

I'll pay $199 not to have to take off my shoes in the security lines at the airport. I absolutely loathe the shoe routine. There is this thing called Clear that for $199 a year promises to breeze you through security. I say the absence of aggravation is worth it. But they don't say if you still have to open your laptop and take off your shoes. And also, only at selected terminals at certain hours, which starts sounding like bullshit. Like for instance, 4 am to 7 pm at Terminal 3 in JFK. This means that if you are taking a red eye to Europe after 7 pm, you are not eligible. And then, supposedly you fill out the megillah of your life and then you go to a center to have your iris and fingerprints scanned and two weeks later they send you your card IN THE MAIL, how safe is that, where a regular Osama Bin Laden can nab it and use it.
Still, the dream of more pleasant air travel is powerful.

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