Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nous sommes arriveés a Paris!

And we are staying in a fabulous five floor walk up which is a walk in the park compared to the one the last time around. The building is French and old and gorgeous.

We have a terrace. But the best part is that we are in a wonderful neighborhood very close to the wonderful Buttes Chaumont park.

The noises that waft from the street are the nicest I've ever heard in a city. Right now, I am typing to the accompaniment of someone taking piano lessons. The melody is one of those sugary classical music pieces that sound like a nursery rhyme. There are many singing birds and they are quite talkative. We also hear nice little French children playing. Blissfully, very few cars pass by this narrow street. Now there's a cat meowing. I think we're going to be extremely happy here.

I went down to the park to sit and read an article about Carlos Slim and I saw a cat on a roof (hot tin?) having a fight with two big crows. He probably decided to pester them and they did not take it on the beak. They circled around him and swooped down on him and made an unholy racket and they looked like they meant business.
I have decided that I may do as my voisins and use the park for a daily morning constitutional.
Meanwhile, we've already identified two bakeries, several laundromats, pharmacies, the charcutier, the poissonerie, the fruit stalls. Ah, Paris.

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