Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There is a sucker born every minute

Thanks to facebook I am alerted to the news that 3 people died from heat at a new age retreat where they were at a sweat lodge trying to undergo a "rebirthing".
These people paid almost $10,000 to take orders from James Ray, a swindler and a con man, who sells them Peruvian ponchos in the cold desert night for $250.
How could anything spiritual be so expensive?
I am almost compelled to say, they had it coming. But I hope their families sue the bastard and let's see what New Agey bullshit he comes up with. He should be behind bars.
I hate the New Age mishegoss. I hate spirituality. All that searching and seeking, and spending! Be a decent human being is plenty spiritual for me (and in this cesspool of a world, a worthy challenge).
In the case of James Ray, apparently the ridiculous has given way to mind control and manipulation, a la Jim Jones. Send him to a permanent retreat in jail.

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