Monday, December 14, 2009

Sometimes, A Great Notion...

If anybody deserved a good zetz in the yapper, it was this man.
I, for one, feel deeply satisfied.
It is sad that the reports claim that Berlusconi's attacker has a history of mental problems. Not that violence is the answer to things, but in this case it seemed like an act of brilliant clarity. We don't know the reasons. They may be all the wrong reasons. But symbolically, the act is perfect.
What is funny about the video is the utter chaos after the zetz. The Italian secret service needs to get their act together. It is amazing to me that Berlusconi sits bleeding in the car, which can't move an inch because there are people not only surrounding it on all sides but even on top of it. Perhaps another fitting symbol of the disorganization and chaos that come from the very top.
What a country!

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  1. the guy (SB) said recently that he was not a monster because 1., he is obviously good looking, and 2., he has always been an honest man (or something to this effect). With two broken front teeth and a broken nose, he will no longer be able to claim no. 1. for a while. So, the punch in the face was in fact a rhetorical intervention. It demolished a fallacious argument. Or at least, half of it.