Sunday, January 17, 2010

Department of Mindboggling Incompetence

My advice to Mr. Llamazares is, sue their culos for millions of dollars, as is the time-hallowed American custom.
My advice to the FBI is, why not just photoshop the actual guy, you idiots?
If Bin Laden has indeed been living in a cave all these years, why would he look like he's happily drinking cava and eating tapas and chorizo every day?
And my question is, how did Mr. Llamazares find out?
Isn't this supposed to be "top secret"?
I think the terrorists must be "lol"ing right now. Look at these idiots running like headless chickens without their shoes at their airports! Look at the FBI playing around with Google images! Ha, ha, ha, ha! HA HA HA HA!
If they haven't brought the US to their knees, they have certainly succeeded on making us look like the stupidest nation on Earth.

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  1. I'm Spanish and last election I voted for Llamazares... And I also have a conspicuous Basque surname, Ugartemendia... Mmm, I hope that won't make me a dangerous terrorist!