Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greetings from Sunny Mexico

Darlings, I´m too busy eating tacos and seeing family and friends, and so I have neglected you. I am on vacation in sunny D.F. and quite frankly rather averse at sitting at the computer when I can be absorbing some warm and toasty vitamin D.
The city looks good, the traffic is horrible, as usual, and it's great to see old friends.
The news here are consumed by some soccer player who was shot in the head at a bar.
I'm staying in the burbs, and going down into the city takes the better part of an hour. Luckily, there are established outposts of taquerias and diners so those who have schlepped all the way here don´t feel deprived (or don´t have to drive an hour for a torta de milanesa). The prices up here are like those in New York. But more, because this is Mexico.
In the meantime, as usual when I´m here, I spend most of my mental energy navigating the discrepancies between my New York lifestyle/mindset and the one I left behind. Places with enormous gulfs between the rich and the poor, such as Mexico, make extravagant lifestyles seem utterly normal for those who enjoy them. I don't want to get too marxisty or anything, but I think that great wealth is more challenging to achieve when there is a more level playing field and you are not coasting on the sweaty backs of a huge underclass. Having said this, don´t think for a moment that I am not enjoying the perks.
I can see why Mexico City, with all its enormous drawbacks, is appealing. The weather is mild, there are fruits and flowers and food everywhere. Particularly appealing in the winter, and that is as far as I´m willing to go.

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  1. I think my comfortable lifestyle was a bit much for me when I lived there. I realized my frugality was being challenged in Mexico City and it bugged the hell out of me. Does anyone else feel that way when they're living there, or is that just my Catholic guilt creeping up?

    I hope you took pictures at Xel-Ha!