Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bienvenida a México, Señora Obama

Now someone take her to eat fabulous Mexican food immediately!
I should have come on the trip with her. Should have volunteered. 
One bite of real Mexican food and she will open the borders for all Mexicans to take over and improve our culinary lot.
Take her to El Cardenal in el Centro for breakfast for bolillitos con nata. The woman is going to swoon.
For lunch I recommend carnitas (La Reina de la Roma, or my favorite, Contreras, in Ejército Nacional) or pozole at the food market in Coyoacán. She has to try at least one taco al pastor (con todo)! For desert, someone give her an alegría (amaranth brittle, very good for you). Slake her thirst with a Michelada. Toast our wonderful gringo neighbors with a tequilita.
As long as nobody says things like "Mexicans work like blacks", or she is a very good looking "negrita", we'll be okay. Just breath deep and hope for the best...


  1. Ah... Micheladas. Heavenly drinks... :) "Negrita" is ok, right? As long as it has the "ita" at the end :)

  2. I hope you are joking, Super Babe. Thanks for commenting!

  3. ;) That's what I usually tell people, that we Mexicans don't have issues with the word "negro"... until we come to this god forsaken country... and I have noticed that people usually think that if they say "negrita" then it is ok ;)