Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fuck Arizona

Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law whereby Arizona police can demand immigration papers from people that look to them like they could be illegal. That is, anyone brown. Perhaps Paddy Moloney, a recent illegal immigrant from Ireland is in Arizona illegally, but no one is going to stop him, because he doesn't look like he could be illegal.
What asshat law is this?
As Chief Justice of my own Fantasy Supreme Court, here's my beef. Fair enough if a state wants to curtail the presence of illegal immigrants. They have every right to do so. There are surely ways to do it, however, without restoring to racist discrimination.
My ruling is: if immigrants are forced to carry immigration documents at all times, then so should everyone else.
But because of this law, American citizens of Mexican or Latin American descent, or legal immigrants are going to be discriminated on the basis of the way they look. Mind you, long before the first paleface arrived, the first inhabitants of Arizona were Native Americans, followed by Mexicans. There must be American citizens in Arizona whose brown ancestors have been there for hundreds of years, but who could now be mistaken for a wetback.
I read somewhere that the Arizona police are not happy about this law, because it's none of their business and it puts them in a terrible position. And they are right. But there is a minority of racist cranks that makes a lot of noise. And Gov. Brewer and John McCain are having primary challenges soon, so there you have it: Republicans caving in to their basest instincts once again.
In many countries in Europe people have a national id and you are supposed to carry it with you. Let's see if all Americans are willing to be forced to carry and present a national id that is not a drivers' license. But to demand of only one group to carry papers, there is something highly disturbing, undemocratic and un-American about it. 


  1. Actually, I have a very blond Russian friend who actually got asked for her papers because "she didn't look/sound like she was from there"... so yes, while this is mainly aimed at brownies, I guess some non-acceptable-whites may be subjected to it... it sucks. And I definitely agree, everybody should be forced to carry a national ID...

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I read somewhere that the Arizona police are not happy about this law, because it's none of their business and it puts them in a terrible position

    really? and just where did you read this? liar! You didnt read shit and you know it.
    People from Arizona are sick of the crimes that wetbacks commit!

  3. Here's where I read it: The New York Times.

    "A bill the Arizona Legislature passed this week that would hand the state and local police broad powers to enforce immigration law has split police groups and sown confusion over how the law would be applied.

    ...on Wednesday a national police group condemned it as likely to lead to racial and ethnic profiling and to threaten public safety if immigrants did not report crime or did not cooperate with the authorities out of fear of being deported.

    The police group joined a growing list of organizations and religious and political leaders far from the state’s borders urging Ms. Brewer to veto the bill. Her spokesman said that of the 15,011 calls and letters her office had received on the bill, more than 85 percent opposed it.

    The law would require the police “when practicable” to detain people they reasonably suspected were in the country without authorization. It would also allow the police to charge immigrants with a state crime for not carrying immigration documents. And it allows residents to sue cities if they believe the law is not being enforced.

    Members of the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative, a group of police leaders pressing for a federal overhaul of immigration law, said they worried that other states would copy Arizona, despite the likelihood that the law will be challenged in federal court.

    “Just because it is in Arizona doesn’t mean it’s likely to remain there,” said George Gascón, the chief of the San Francisco Police Department and a former chief in Mesa, a Phoenix suburb. “We are very concerned about what could happen to public safety.”

    The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police and several sheriffs have also come out against the bill, calling it burdensome and an intrusion into a federal matter.

    Happy now?

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Maybe you should spend more time and energy helping the thousands of familys that have been murdered, raped and assulted by illegal aliens!

  5. Anonymous7:41 PM

    ok, so no one wants the state to do anything about the ongoin invasion, and that the matter is a federal issue. However, the spineless lying Obama will give them all citizenship, muders and all. nice, real nice.

  6. Anonymous2:43 AM

    get a life and a real job you ignorant racist 1846

  7. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Disculpa la inmodestia de escribirte en castellano, la lengua de la meseta seca de castilla, y no en español ya que la lengua hispana desde su deribación del latín es una usurpacion. Bueno, sin más, en la lengua que hablo te escribo. Uno de los pocos frutos más contradictorios del renacimiento, cuando aún USA no existía, fue aquella idea de que el hombre es la medida de todas las cosas. Es decir, el ser humano está antes y deternima sus frutos, entre ellos al Estado. El estado es una consecuencia humana y no su causa, así no tienes ninguna razón al decirnos que el estado está en su derecho. No hay derecho, por más legal que sea que esté más allá de la existencia. Los espalda mojadas están ejerciendo un derecho que supera a la noción de estado, sólo por existir y despues por seres humanos, y tercero y definitivamente por esas tierras siempre fueron de sus ancestros. Lo que los torpes gringos no entienden, y tú incluida, es que no se trata de ninguna medida política de inmigración, sino de pura razón antropológia y de respeto al la memoria, peseese, manque sea por el mismo pensamiento de derecha, por Margatet Meat y conseguirá razones para medir las diferencias. Pero movamos ls brújula. Qué diferencia hay entre la frotera protegida, cuando le viene bien a los ninteres del poder, entre palestina y no un estado, sino un sentido sionista de atropello. O es que le vamos a creer a to+oricos de poco fondo al considerar que se trata de una pugna de civilizaciones. las civilizaciones también son construcciones humanas, de lo que se trata, querida cometarista, es que tanto los mexicanos pobres como los palestinos, no son los que detentan el discurso del poder, más bien son los sujetos expulsados de la historia, como lo pensaba ese gran judio, de espíritu promiscuo como fue Walter Benjamí vaina es de justicia y no de maquillajez teóricos.

  8. Amazing how Obama is now the weak one, considering that Bush tried to pass a bill shortly before his tyranny, er, tenure was up that would allow every illegal Mexican within its borders to be a citizen. I love how all these racist and in denial Republicans blame Obama for the same reasons they glorified George Bush for. Basically, it doesn't matter what Obama tries to sell, (or any Republican) it still comes down to party lines. What ever happened to common sense?
    But allow me a Republican, er, racist diatribe: Trust me, Mexicans would stop coming here to work if you white people would stop hiring them! It all comes down to money, and white people who complain "that Mexican took my job" are stupid. They should be saying, "My white boss fired me because they can get cheaper and BETTER labor from a hardworking Mexican than my lazy butt." So to all those racist cabrones, grow a pair--but more importantly, use your brain! I'm tired of all these ignorant, no nothing racists. Please, get a degree, then we'll talk at the big boy table. Every discussion with you racist pro-Arizona people is like trying to talk to a Muslim extremist. Do you realize how alike you really are?

  9. Grande Enchilada...I just wanted to say thanks for expressing what I've been in a fervor over. Keep blogging with backbone!

  10. Anonymous7:46 PM

    you'r the man grande enchilada. FUCK ARIZONA


  11. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Fuck Arizona, and all you Racist Motherfuckers! I know for a FACT that all the SHIT you talk on this page you won't be caught dead talking it straight to a person of Latino decent. YOU get Clobbered!! HA! Isn't that the truth no matter what you say!

  12. Anonymous9:50 PM

    stupid ass racist republicans!

  13. Anonymous10:57 PM

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  14. Anonymous11:14 PM

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