Thursday, December 09, 2010

La Gran Tenochtitlán II

Best roast chicken in town they claim, at Gili Pollos. 
The famous strawberries and cream birthday cake from La Gran Vía.
They sell tomato pulque in there!
Candied fruit at lovely Dulcería de Celaya 
An anafre, perfect for cooking marvels on the street. 
Piloncillo: packed brown sugar for traditional sweets, café de olla and more. 
Traditional ice cream vendor. These are new. 
A new invention: jícama on a stick with chili or sprinkles
Conchas: best pan dulce for breakfast.


  1. ¡Me matas, Judy! Que rico el pastel... las conchas al menos las consigo en Queens. Saludos chica!

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    ¿Gili pollos?

  3. Gili Pollos may have the funniest name but they are certainly not the best roast chickens in Mexico City. My vote would go to La Espiga, where we used to buy them to take to Xochimilco. Those at Pollos Ray, right outside Metro Chapultepec, tampoco cantan mal las rancheras.