Monday, December 06, 2010

Mexican Feeding Frenzy

Tuna Sashimi Tostadas at Contramar

Crepas de Flor de Calabaza at Casa de las Sirenas

Mezcal Variety at La Botica

Apple with Tamarind and Chili. Best Chazerai ever. 

Orange with chili, fava beans with lime and chili to go with the michelada and the mezcalito.
The best tacos de carnitas ever, only Saturdays and Sundays at the Mercado de Medellín

El Cardenal and their huevos. Best Mexican breakfast in the world.

I ordered poached eggs in black bean broth with queso fresco. Divine.
Huevos Hacienda de Puebla. Yum, whatever that means.
Pilgrimage to the Pozole at the small food market in Coyoacán. Best Pozole in the Universe.
The classic Margarita from 1945 at swanky San Angel Inn.

Salsas and limes for the tacos
Amazing tacos al pastor at El Califa
The tacos al pastor at El Huequito. Some say best in town. Different and delish.
Quesadillas de queso Oaxaca y flor de calabaza at El Cardenal.
Someone should write an illustrated encyclopedia of Mexican food. It would have to be like 500 tomes. In the interest of science, I volunteer to sample every dish.

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  1. Wow! What a fabulous blog you have. Great food, great places. Awesome. I was visiting Billie's Blog and saw the name of your blog and just had to stop and see. Thanks for all the great photos, I felt I was there. Happy Holidays!