Tuesday, November 30, 2010

La Grande Mexican Bouffe

Welcome to the land where there can be as many bowel movements as there are hours in the day. And this without Moctezuma's Revenge!
The first leg of The Grande Enchilada's Eating and Drinking Tour of Mexico City has come to an end, quite successfully, if I may say so myself. Except for a brief and painful sojourn in the Mexican equivalent of The House Of Usher, which we fled never to look back, everything was delightful. My gringo traveling companions have earned their badge of honor by having stronger constitutions digestively speaking than this local guide. They ate street food unflinchingly and with great gusto, tolerated much more spiciness than I ever could and were totally game to try funky looking but glorious eats.
They sampled the heights of sophisticated Mexican cooking both in swanky places and markets. A Gold medal to all!
The second leg of the tour continues wherein yours truly will keep sampling all the food she misses back in New York. And the good news is that, either I am delusional, or I think I have actually lost weight eating this most delicious of cuisines. A cultural heritage of humanity indeed.

News flash: even though Mexican food in New York has improved greatly since the days of nachos and frozen margaritas, it still does not hold a measly candle to the marvels found here.
It never will so long as limes are not as sweet and juicy, people insist on using the wrong spices, and refuse to understand the complexity and sophistication of Mexican culinary genius.
No sour cream! No cumin! No cheese on huevos rancheros! No lettuce on everything!
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