Wednesday, November 03, 2010


And now, more ignorant political punditry from yours truly:
Oy vey is mir. This is gonna be ugly.
I hope that the Democrats take ownership of the filibuster they complain so much about, because they are going to need it. What just happened?
It's a combo of so many things, I get tired just thinking about it. But I am thoroughly confused. Some people say Obama has done nothing. Others say he has enacted the most significant legislation in centuries. Others think he is both a Marxist and a Nazi (those people won a bunch of seats).
I think what has happened is a perfect example of the broken politics of Washington. A two party government that is increasingly undemocratic.
In his ineffective pleading for bipartisanship and collaboration where it was clear there was none to be had, Obama ended up with a healthcare bill that pleased absolutely no one. The banks were rescued and supposedly Armaggedon was averted but people do not see it that way. All they see is that the stupid house they had to buy with the money they don't have is now worth bubkes, all they see is foreclosure and joblessness. The banks are still hoarding the money they are not lending to small businesses. They are still behaving like criminal bullies. The culprits of the worst economic crisis in history not only have gotten away scot free, some work for the current administration.
Nobody knows or understands the concrete results of the stimulus package, if any. Obama seems to work hard behind closed doors but it turns out that he does not really connect with most of "the people". He seems aloof and flinty (I'd still do him in a second, though). And then to compensate, he goes to The View and The Daily Show, instead of trying to explain the accomplishments of his administration to the people in a clearer and more presidential way. Whatever happened to press conferences?
And government? As long as they are getting campaign contributions from industry, what can citizens expect?  The system is fundamentally and institutionally corrupt.
If it was up to me, we would have universal healthcare and campaign finance reform and Lloyd Blankfein, Angelo Mozillo, Richard Fuld, Hank Paulson and their hosts of minions would all be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff for all eternity. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd make New York City secede and become an independent country. Who needs this aggravation?
Meanwhile, the American people, all they want is not to have to pay taxes, everything else be damned. They don't care about the costly wars that are getting us nowhere and possibly making things worse, they don't care if they will lose all the money they save on taxes when they get diabetes or cancer or heart disease, they don't care that thanks to the right wing majority at the Supreme Court corporations are what dictates policy now, even more than before. 
Stick your fucking tax cuts up your ass. I hope you are happy now.


  1. hear hear, mam.

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