Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nazis in America

Perhaps the last words of the American national anthem should be changed to "land of the free, home of the hypocrite".
It's not that it's news that the US sheltered Nazis at the end of WWII. Everybody knew that. But now we get to see a full report. You can read all its 617 pages here.
It is fascinating reading.
We are not only hypocrites in regards to Nazis, though we seem to befriend and then fight Nazi wannabes like Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, among other unsavory regimes the world over.  Sometimes these friends, who at first benefit from our largesse, we then turn into bitter enemies. Why would anybody want to help these monsters in the first place? 
But in many cases they continue their tyranny not only unabated but perhaps even sheltered by the deafening cries of "freedom" and "democracy" that our politicians like to bandy about to the point of meaninglessness.
America has always been deeply hypocritical. We are not the only ones (see France and Britain) but we are certainly the ones who abuse the terms "freedom" and "democracy" the most, both internally and in our foreign policy.
Question: Is America really a democracy? Or is it a corporation ruled by private interests that pretends there is a choice between two increasingly corrupt and ineffective parties, to make citizens think that they have a say in the matter?
The Supreme Court seems to think that it's the latter.
All I'm saying is that I would welcome a moratorium on the freedom and democracy bullshit. It is bullshit.

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