Saturday, January 29, 2011

Consider The Elephant

Near Chiang Mai there is a place called Elephant Nature Park, which was founded by a woman who wants to protect elephants from abuse. Since Thailand outlawed logging and that's what they were used for, they are now used for begging, for tourist rides, or circus-like entertainments. At Elephant Nature Park you feed them, wash them and mainly stare at their ancient grace in a state of bliss for hours.
There were two babies. The girl was a sweetheart. The boy was trouble, always getting on top of her, and pestering all the other elephants. One elephant pushed him away with her hind leg.

Baby elephant!

I would like to believe that this woman is really sincere, which I think she is, and that she really is using the money she gets from us tourists to buy back the elephants that are used like trained seals. Right next to her there is a tourist attraction where elephants are used in this fashion. We even went to a tiger zoo that is just abuse of animals disguised as love of animals. Perhaps the tigers are safer in this enclosure but the fact is they should be in the wild, where they belong.

They are vegetarians

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