Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am A Self-Loving Jew

...not an anti-Semite or a self-hating Jew. Quite the contrary, I believe in the survival of the state of Israel and want to see it thrive in peace and belong to community of nations forever. So that is why I urge everybody who is interested in this tiresome topic to read David Remnick's lucid, cogent, and eloquent comment on the state of affairs between Israel and the US right now. He is not a self-hating Jew nor an antisemite either. It is now possible, and in fact, desirable, to better support Israel by dissenting from the monolithic and sclerotic AIPAC with its "the shtetl is burning" and "everything Israel does is always good" rhetoric. Unfortunately, the Israelis voted for a right wing government that continues to isolate and almost immolate itself instead of working towards a solution to their geopolitical problems. As Jews, we have an obligation to support Israel, but not when it is doing everything in its power to paint itself into an untenable corner.
Nobody's being naive. We are well aware of the hateful agendas of our enemies. But if their societies can revolt for change, then certainly Israel, a democracy, and a first world country, can work to change the terrible paradigm it has locked itself into.  The world is changing. Now there is an alternative Israel lobby in Washington. Now there are other legitimate Pro-Israel voices that have a different idea as to what will ensure the survival of the state. There should be vigorous debate within the Jewish communities, not only in the US but all over the world, as to what is truly best for Israel now.
Just don't tell me I hate Israel because I don't happen to agree with its policies.
That ain't flying anymore.

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