Saturday, March 05, 2011

Juay de Churro?

I am positively flummoxed. My post on Churros is now the most popular post of all time in the history of this blog (six years this very month!).
My pageviews have skyrocketed to the triple digits! It's like the Charlie Sheen of my posts.
From every corner of the world people want to know about churros. But juay? Juay now? Did they run across a churro on the street? Did they see the word in a headline on their local newspaper? Are we being invaded by churros from outer space? What the hell is going on?
Dear readers, I humbly beg you, if you know the answer, please tell me. There is a comment section here that nobody ever seems to use. Make yourselves useful.
Now I feel compelled to tell you everything I know about the churro. Here goes:
• Here is the Wikipedia entry on churros. I find it rather dry and uninspiring. How can you say that the main ingredient in a churro is flour? It's true, but it's like saying that the main ingredient in a cake is flour. It doesn't help anybody.
Churros are fried dough. And fried dough is happiness.
• You must know that in Mexican slang a churro is a word for "turd". It is also used to describe a bad movie. "Un churro Hollywoodense." A Hollywood turd.
• I suspect that some churros that I bought on the platform of the L train a couple of weeks ago was to blame for a sudden and devastating attack of the runs I had in the middle of Williamsburg.
• In Mexico City, the famous Churrería el Moro, which has been there since I believe the 1940's, used to serve only churros with hot chocolate (now I think they serve tortas too).
They had a sign that said:

1 churro 1 peso
2 churros 2 pesos
3 churros 3 pesos
4 churros 4 pesos

Almost ad infinitum.

• Churros are delicious, but they are no good if they are cold. They get chewy.

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