Monday, July 11, 2011

News Digest

The Casey Anthony Trial
I must be the only person in this country who did not follow the Casey Anthony trial. Not once. I vaguely remember hearing about it and nothing else until the non-guilty verdict. This is what happens when you don't have cable. However, I have been glued to anything with the initials DSK on it.  Perhaps I find it hard to muster curiosity about a crime in Florida committed by trashy people. Call me a snob. I much prefer the sleaze of the former president of the IMF and the now possible sleaze of an immigrant chambermaid.
I'm writing this as I sit and wait in Jury Duty.

News of The News Of The World
Again, had heard about Sienna Miller and Hugh Grant having their phones hacked, but what transpired with that poor murdered girl, the families of fallen soldiers, Murdoch's cozy relationship with David Cameron, who once employed the very same guy who is now arrested for hacking phones, and the fact that Murdoch would rather close a newspaper and leave people jobless, than sacrifice his deputy in evil, make this quite irresistible. That the British police, which in my fantasy were supposed to be a model of probity, were colluding with this trashy paper which, like the New York Post, is not fit for people to scoop up dog poop, this is actually shocking to me.
I'm exuberantly delighted that the untouchable Rupert Murdoch finally got his brass balls dipped in acid. Let it rip.

Facundo Cabral Gets Murdered in Guatemala
Poor guy. He happens to ride with a Guatemalan impresario and gets sprayed with bullets in that hellhole of a country. I am not a fan of his mawkish protest folk music, but geez, what's with the endless, stupid violence?

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