Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Blogging the Debate, Sort of

I'm sitting here once again for this third and last ordeal.
Now they are sitting across a table from the moderator, I guess so you can't really see the body language. McCain still seems like a weirdo and is still talking to Americans as if they are illiterate retards (perhaps the ones who vote for him need to be spoken to like that). Joe the Plumber, give me a break.
I can't believe that neither one of these bozos (as much as I love 'Bama, it's driving me crazy) is acknowledging that everything has changed since the crisis hit. Schieffer asks the question about what would change from their plans and they don't fucking have a real answer.
McCain brings back the stupid overhead projector for the planetarium again. He really is in another planet.
Balancing the budget in four years: McCain says I'm not President Bush. You should have run four years ago. Good line but spurious. Four years ago my man really would not have a chance of winning.
For some reason, even though they are both repeating everything like broken records, Obama doesn't sound so much like a broken record as McCain does. Obama is a class act. He just doesn't stoop down to the nasty tone that McCain employs. The other one is an ornery asshole.
Schieffer is asking tough questions. Now he is asking about the nastiness of the campaigns.
McCain is not owning up to his responsibility. Now he is complaining about something John Lewis said.
Obama is answering this question with grace and dignity. Stop talking about the candidates' hurt feelings and blame it on not attending town hall meetings and talk about politics. But I wish he'd say that the pit bull was inciting the audience with her stupid talk.
McCain is addressing that Palin associated him with terrorists, but he is not apologizing for her.
So McCain is asking to know Obama's relationship with Ayers. Obama clarifies and lists his legitimate associations with talented people. Creams McCain. Creams him.
As for ACORN, which the Republicans are trying to turn into something resembling their own evil election stealing tactics, read this and weep.
McCain seems to be aggressive in desperation. I really fucking hope he loses. He has no dignity.
Schieffer on the running mates: Wow, he really is asking the best questions of all the debates.
McCain on Palin: she is a reformer and a role model. He is answering the question well, leaving out her polarizing stuff and her utter lack of experience. I love what Obama said at the end: "and if something, God forbid, should happen to me, I know Joe Biden would be an excellent president". Touché. And that's all folks!
The problem with this debate is that we can't see the weird shit that happens when John McCain is out of camera range. We hear some weird snickers once in a while. But what comes through from McCain when he is on camera is an ugly personality. His condescension is really hard for me to take, I don't know how Obama suffers it with such restraint. He is the coolest cat.
On the free trade stuff Obama is clear and concise and then McCain starts talking about Colombia and he doesn't make much sense and then sneaks in that Obama has never been south of the border (no Bammy? Come with me, I'll take you to my favorite tacos).
McCain is like a parrot, talking about free trade he sneaks in the fucking preconditions mantra.
Health care: Would you favor controlling costs? Obama explains pretty clearly what he intends to do. Doesn't sound half bad. McCain is so hokey with the Joe Plumber shtick. And I also don't understand how a $5000 tax credit is going to afford anybody health care. Why would I want to go to another state to get insurance?
McCain comes back and it's as if he didn't listen to anything my man said.
Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court: McCain believes the decision should be the states'. Here he is pretty good.
McCain wants to turn Obama's eloquence into sophistry. The word "health" is extreme? Huh? It ain't working.
Education: I wish Obama would bring the projector McCain complains so much about.
I also wish Obama would mention that during the last 8 years the contempt for science brought about by the right wing nut jobs, and the hostile attitude to science from the Bush administration are to blame for our sorry state of affairs in this department.
Sarah Palin's son has Down syndrome, not autism. So what's with this autism?
McCain doesn't want to spend money on anything, so I wonder, as Obama does, how is he going to achieve anything without paying for it.
Closing remarks:
McCain is trying to go back to what he used to be before he became the performing monkey of the Rovian puppeteers. He is for the first time, relatively eloquent.
Obama is just repeating his mantras. I'm kind of bored with them.
McCain telling Obama "good job". He can't avoid being condescending. It is revolting.
McCain was slightly better, but still incoherent. Obama was, as usual, very good.
Body language with the wives: the Obamas very loving, embracing, looking like a real couple; the McCains COLD and DISTANT and looking like a bad blind date. Cindy actually puts her arm on his shoulder after noticing the Obamas. Poor Cindy. I bet she's praying for him to lose, so she can go back to being invisible.
The worst part is watching the after commentary. Who the fuck are these undecided idiots? At this point, how could you possibly be undecided? There is a black guy leaning toward McCain! Where do they get these people? Gawd.

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