Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mexican Japanese Peanuts Addenda

Little Enchiladita offers this correction:

Te faltaron ingredientes en los cacahuates con rielito. Se les agrega Chamoy miguelito de agua, chamoy miguelito de polvo y el ingrediente secreto: jugo de naranja.
¿Cuánto? lo que considere cada quien. ¡Provecho!
Y si quieres le puedes agregar cazares, piñitas enchiladas deshidratadas,mangitos enchilados deshidratados, etc. Se llama "porqueria" y la ponen en las fiestas infantiles. Las comen las mares de los niños mientras platican a gusto.

Official translation:

You are missing ingredients in the peanuts with rielito. You have to add liquid chamoy miguelito, powdered chamoy miguelito and the secret ingredient: orange juice. How much? It's up to each.
Bon appetit!
And if you want you can add Cazares (fabulous Frito-like chips), dehydrated pineapple and mango with chili. etc. It is called "porquería" and served at children's parties. The mothers of the kids eat it while they shoot the breeze.

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