Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What's with the second Holocaust?

I, for one, have had it with the Republicans', cynical, ridiculous implication that the crap that comes from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's mouth guarantees a "second Holocaust". What are they talking about?
I find it offensive that they make such a spurious claim. All of a sudden they seem to have trademarked the phrase "never again" for use in a context that is completely unsuitable. The vulgarity and the temerity of implying that only they can defend Israel, or that Israel could not defend itself from a country like Iran is appalling. Worse, the outright falsity of Iran being such a threat right now is unacceptable. Apart from Ahmadinejad's public relations campaigns, which is all his antisemitic, anti-Israel talk is, there is no evidence that Iran is on a mission to destroy Israel. It's Iran and not Israel who should be trembling. After all Israel does have nuclear weapons now. Iran does not yet. And I'm pretty sure that Israel will ensure it never gets them, long before there can even be a speck of a shade of a second Holocaust. AS IF!
How dare the Republicans even imagine that Iran could inflict total annihilation on the scale of the Holocaust on Israel? It's giving Iran too much credit, which is exactly what those words are meant to provoke. By making these parallels, the stupid McCain campaign has just fallen into Ahmadinejad's trap. It is pathetic, irresponsible and absurd.
This is fear mongering at its most abject and if you are a self-respecting Jew you should reject this deeply offensive nonsense. It is vile and disgusting.
Israel, my friends, can defend itself. McCain and Palin act as if Iran was the Third Reich. It's not. They act as if Iran was poised to push the button on Israel any minute now. It is most certainly not. They don't have a nuclear pot to piss on yet. The moment they do, Israel will do anything in its power to prevent them from using it, as it did with the nuclear factory in Iraq once upon a time.
This talk is as false and misleading and damaging and dangerous as lap dog Sarah Palin's nauseating implications that Obama consorts with terrorists. She has been unleashed, like a rabid pit bull indeed, by the McCain campaign to do the dirty, racist work for the old troll. She is so pathetic in her blind compliance, she hasn't thought of the harm and hatred she is sowing, and hasn't noticed that she is been used in the cheapest, most cynical way. She is a disgrace to women.
America, these people are poison. This "second Holocaust" absurdity is double speak. Jews, some of these people are secretly hoping for Israel's destruction so that they can finally have their Armaggedon. This talk of a "second Holocaust" must be bringing paroxysms of joy to the most lunatic evangelical Christians, who can't wait until that happens, no matter how friendly they seem to Israel right now. Don't make the mistake of thinking for a second that they have the best interests of Israel at heart.
Obama is talking about real politics, real diplomacy, real engagement with the international community to bring Iran to its knees, with the complexity and the seriousness the situation requires, not with childish, appalling fantasies of apocalyptic destruction.

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