Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just like Grandma's

Eating in Israel is like eating at your grandma's; they're afraid you won't get enough food.
The bread is plentiful and magnificent and portions are huge. So far, service in nice establishments is remarkably charming and the prices are equivalent to NY.
But where in NY will anyone give you a humongous and delicious millefuille for free?
Today I had the most memorable meal of the trip at Dr. Shakshuka in Yaffo. I had the assortment of Tripolitan salads, one with more concentrated exploding flavors than the other, and the complete couscous, which came with a veal shank that fell off the bone and a potato stuffed with meat. It tasted like someone's grandma spent four years in the kitchen making it. It feels like I ate a plutonium bomb. Amazing.
As is my custom, I will probably have to pay excess weight when I get back.

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