Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Soccer Fever

I got it, but this is mostly since I live in New York. Watching the World Cup here is great fun because there are always huge numbers of people from the participating countries. It's a great party. 
In this corner of the world, all the games are in the morning. Let work come to a grinding halt in the entire continent! Drinking before noon for 3 weeks!
What's not to like?
Now, to the business at hand: Mexico has the unenviable position to be in the opening match against the host country (it has been the host country twice, so suck it up).
I, a living repository of conspiratorial cynicism, believe these things are always rigged as much as possible for the host country. So I'm not saying that Mexico has been paid to lose (they have never really needed the money to get that done), but that it's going to be a major battle to prevail against the home team opening day. Bring it on!!!!
Now, rooting for Mexico is all well and good but unless there is a bona fide miracle, we're not going to win this baby, so I need to root for a team that actually has a chance to win. USA? They are so enormous at every other sport that the fact that they are 14th ranked in soccer gives me a little schadenfreude. I actually like that soccer is not this country's game. You can't be a giant in everything. However, I have a soft spot in my heart for them, 'cause they work so hard, they have a fantastic goalie with Tourette's syndrome, and it would be cool if they vanquished some important enemies.
I like Argentina because it has Messi. And I love Messi. I don't like them when, like the Italians, they overdramatize and play dirty, but watching Argentina play is always a pleasure.
I'm over Brazil. They play a lovely game and if they come with real jones for winning (last time around I got the impression they didn't care), they are the most beautiful thing to watch. Otherwise, don't waste my time.
Uruguay? Why not?
Fact is that right now, it is impossible for me to know who I will root for. My allegiances change according to team style, spirit and personality.
Will there be a match between the two Koreas? That would be amazing to see. I propose that if South Korea wins, North Korea gets to dismantle their nuclear arsenal and stop torturing its people. Same if it loses.
I wonder if Big Mini-Enchiladito, who is a great soccer player and a devoted soccer fan is ready for the World Cup.  I need to talk to his mom.
So let this crazy time begin. ¡Vamos Tri!

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  1. For me it is Mexico, then Germany :)