Thursday, August 05, 2010

Memo to Manhattan District Attorney:

You better prosecute this bitch.
Otherwise, I will call for a massive rampage of shoplifting at Sephora, since they are so very forgiving. 

I posed this splendid idea to my fellow blogger Laura Martinez, but as she wisely pointed out, if she or I attempt to shoplift $100 worth of beauty goodies, we're as good as deported and wearing pink boxers chez Sheriff Arpaio. (Actually, not me cause ich bin ein American). But maybe Laura and any other girls without the right papers, complexions, connections or last names.
So (and I say this with pain in my heart, for I heart Sephora), let's boycott Sephora, or vote against that particular district attorney when the time comes. Or express our enormous displeasure at the fact that the very spawn of a self-righteous law enforcer, is getting a pass. And that goes for La Lohan, too. Wasn't she supposed to spend 90 days in the slammer?
No Justice. No Peace.


  1. I am already trying out my pink 'calzones'chica. I think my future in jail will not be as jolly as that of Ms. Giuliani or Ms. Lohan... That is for sure!
    (Y pensar que la alternativa a Sephora es MAC...)

  2. I´m running out of places to buy makeup arg.. Have you heard about the MAC- Rodarte Scandel?? It is just so hard to buy cosmetics these days. I guess I´ll have to become a clepto, seems they don´t have so many ethical hang ups... Maybe we should go shopping with the pros like Winona. I bet if I went to Sephora to give myself a 5 finger discount, I´d be in the slammer Ipso Facto!
    Besukis desde España!