Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stupid is Winning

During the Bush years one marvelled at the cornucopia of stupidity we had to deal with for eight years, but now it seems to have gotten much worse. Now that the stupids don't have their man in the White House, they are really going above and beyond what is considered reasonable in terms of idiocy. It's getting out of hand.
The Mosque thing. All over America. Listen, I'm not a cheerleader for Islam, but this latest regression to idiotic prejudice is appalling. And it seems to be dangerously contagious. Even the ADL, which is supposed to work tirelessly against all defamation, joined the stupid bandwagon. A real shanda, that one.
It amazes me that the same people who are always spewing patriotic bromides and huffing and puffing about America's freedoms are the first ones willing to tear the Constitution to shreds. They wouldn't know a real human right if it bit them in the ass (unless it was the right to bear arms, which is no right at all). Whatever happened to freedom of religion? Wasn't that how this country was founded in the first place?
Then comes the even more appalling attempt to do away with the 14th amendment.
Everybody covets the American citizenship, rich and poor alike. Rich people from Latin America come to give birth here at tony hospitals in San Diego or Miami so that their progeny can have an American passport. No one cares about that. But if you happen to be poor and brown and working your ass off mowing someone else's golf course, then you can't. Do we really want to be like Germany, which doesn't grant citizenship to children of non-Germans born on its soil? Every time I hear about that one, it seems to me that they didn't quite learn the lessons of their painful past. Sounds pretty awful. Just don't be surprised then when these children grow up to hate your ungrateful, hypocritical, self-serving ass.
A word on Michelle Obama's vacation. All you whiners, get a life. The country could be experiencing a gold rush, and I bet someone would kvetch about how dare she. Yes it's a bad economy, yes, we're all crying all the way from the bank, but so what? The woman has a right to take a vacation, a concept that most Americans do not fully understand, wherever she damn well pleases. If I was her, I'd get out of Dodge too. That she chooses to go to Spain, instead of a ranch in Podunk, and she does it in style, is what is really rubbing you the wrong way. I perceive a frisson of uppityness in the whole outcry. Michelle Obama is stylish, sophisticated and not afraid of abroad, like you ignorant hicks. She is also rich. Deal with it.
President Obama comes out strongly defending the right of the downtown Mosque to exist and then he backtracks. Stupid. Dude, it's time to stop pandering to the haters. You are not going to win any converts. They all think you are a Muslim anyway.

On the other hand, let's count our blessings: thank God for Judge Walker (and for Ted Olson and David Boies). That was very, very smart.

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