Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Better than the Treasure of The Sierra Madre

This is what I consider this precious booty I just got from Mexico, courtesy of Mr. Ex-Enchilada. Better than gold, silver, emeralds and rubies:

At this point I'm chomping on a bag a day (sometimes with lime and chile Tajín, sometimes au naturel) and that is because I am exercising restraint.
Now, some people are partial to the Mafer brand pictured at right, who are like the new kid on the block and are very good except that they are bad because they contain MSG, whereas Nishikawa lists only the most pristine and pure ingredients: peanuts, wheat flour and soy sauce. Moreover, even though Mafer boasts of something perversely called abre-facil, an easy open bag, I have yet to be able to open this bag without restoring to a sharp object. Even my teeth won't work.
I am firmly in the camp of tradition on this issue. Viva la Geisha!

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