Thursday, April 28, 2011

Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

Friends, Romans, Non Facebook or Twitter Followers:
I'm kvelling mucho because today my 12 recommendations for food and fun in Mexico City appeared in the very lovely
You may remember that back in November, I took a group of adventurous gringo gourmands to an eating and drinking tour of Mexico City of my own devising. Well, my friend Ganda, who is the only woman who can eat me under the table and whose appetite for authentic Mexican food rivals that of any bona fide Mexican food snob, invited me to contribute to 12 fabulous places for eating or enjoying in the Gran Tenochtitlán. The challenge, really, was to keep it down to 12. For there are many more!
In any case, if you go to Mexico City, you'll have a nice array of guaranteed good eats. And if you don't, enjoy vicariously!


  1. I saw your piece and really enjoyed it! Especially the mention of cacahautes japonses, and the warning not to make them at home. (Someone asked me recently what the shell was made of and I said, "It can't be natural.") If you're in DF anytime soon, look me up, I give street food and market tours in both English and Spanish. Thanks for highlighting all the wonderful food the city has to offer!

  2. Thank you Lesley!