Saturday, April 09, 2011

Strange Days

I've been doing some strange things lately that I want to share with you, my dear readers:

• I went to Cinema for The Ear, a screening of movies without images at Lincoln Center. The theme was horror, and several composers created aural movies that were very cool. We all sat,  some of us blithely munching on popcorn, in the darkened theater with no images coming out of the screen, just soundtracks in surroundsound. Many of them sounded eerily similar, compositions in dark keys but in good taste.
But there were some that stood out. One in which the voice of a soprano was mixed and layered into a disturbing soundscape of wails and shrieks and ululations, another one which took the sounds of people in movies in moments of extreme turmoil and the final one which was the soundtrack for a short of Poe's The Tell Tale Heart without the images. Spooky!
I wish the theater was pitch black dark. Spookier!

• This is so out of character for me, I'm slightly worried. I am currently watching, since yesterday, the live Hawk-Cam from Bobst Library at NYU, where a pair of red tailed hawks have built a nest on exquisite real estate, overlooking Washington Square Park and Fifth Ave. Most of the time not much happens, but yesterday about 6 pm, I tuned in and saw the man of the house relieve the mom, as she flew away for a pedicure or yoga class or something, and he sat on top of three pristine eggs, continuing to incubate them. It was awesome! Being a male, he fidgeted much more than his wife, who seems to be in a placid state of zen for hours, warming up the little eggs. It is utterly fascinating.

• I made ceviche.

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