Sunday, April 15, 2007

Girls: Beware of "Thin Gandhi Types"

You got to love this lawyer: Defending his client Anand Jon, a purported fashion designer who used his fashion credentials to rape scores of young models, Ronald Richards describes him as a "thin Gandhi type". I find this amazing: you insert the word Gandhi into a sentence involving an Indian guy and basically hope someone will confuse this unspeakable pig with the Mahatma. What a sleazebag.
I wonder what Mr. Richards really thinks of his client. According to the NYT article, the evidence against Jon is pretty damning. But as always happens with sexual assault, just because some of the young women didn't go crying rape to the police immediately, Richards is portraying them as calculating hussies. I just hope the jury doesn't buy it.
However, I am always amazed at the willful suspension of healthy mistrust that some people exercise in the name of fame or attention. Who in this day and age doesn't know that the modeling industry has its own circle in hell? Where are the parents of these young women? Check this out:

The father of a 19-year-old college student in Texas said that Mr. Jon contacted his daughter through her MySpace page in 2005, when she was in high school, and told her she had the fresh look he was seeking in a model. Mr. Jon soon flew to Dallas, where the father picked him up at the airport, and with the girl’s mother, a child psychologist, grilled the designer about his intentions. “We said, ‘We’re worried about this industry,’ ” said the father... Mr. Jon told the girl’s parents, the father said, “I treasure the feminine being. I got all this spirituality from my grandmother and my mom.” But a few hours later, he forced the teenager to have oral sex at the hotel where he was staying, the father said. “I drove him to the hotel, where he raped my daughter,” he said ruefully.

Ouch. So even when people are trying to keep their wits about them, predatory criminal assholes will try to have their way. It is amazing that he was able to do it for so long. I hope they nail the bastard.

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  1. Anonymous11:03 PM

    i too was amazed at the unmitigated gaul of the attorney's ghandi comparison ...

    and, even though the implication was a comparison of size and not moral code, it certainly had nothing to do with the stature of the accused serial rapist.

    if you google "anand jon" images, you'll see that the lawyer is either blind or so desperate for a defense that he'll try anything.

    the reason? anand jon is a muscular man, approximately 5'9" 180 pounds, with the pecs and abs of a college wrestler.

    we can only assume the defendant wouldn't let his lawyer go for the gay, impotent and penis-less designer defense.

    too bad. that might have proven a tad more effective, if not entertaining.