Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PC is stupid

It's getting out of control. Now CBS has fired two DJ's that, quite on purpose, called a Chinese restaurant and asked for " shlimp flied lice". So some Chinese-Americans expected them to be fired just like Don Imus, and voilá, they were.
I have neither the time nor the patience to start explaining why the Imus comment was much worse. I'm sure the Chinese have a right to be offended, but if we're going to start firing everybody then we're just going to become a bunch of even dumber fucks than we already are.
America is funny. Let me rephrase that. America is weird. We love our freedom of expression but we are also very sensitive. We are far more sensitive as a culture and far less racist in practice, in my opinion, than our European friends, who treat their minorities like second class citizens pretty much across the board. We here pretend to be nice and we know better than to say horrid things aloud, though we may think them, although I have to say, I've heard people say some stupid ass things about Jews, gays, Blacks, and Latinos.
If it offends you, you should speak up. But if we demanded someone get fired every time we heard an ignorant racist comment, nobody would have a job.

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