Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I heart Huckabees. NOT.

Major brouhaha because of a Christmas televised greeting from Mike Huckabee to the exclusively Christian nation of America. People are up in arms, not because he delivers a religious message that excludes everybody in this country who does not believe in Christ, effectively ignoring the important stuff about separation of church and state (which is the only thing preventing us from utter darkness and barbarism), but because people see a floating cross in the background, which he claims is only a bookcase. In the shape of a white cross.
I had to watch it twice to figure out what in the hell they were talking about. It is that subliminal.
For those people who think that we in advertising add the word sex or secret tits to the ice cubes in whisky ads, here is a newsflash: no one I know in this business has the time or the inclination to deal with such minutiae, ok? This should put the subliminal advertising controversy to rest once and for all.
Now, as for floating crosses that suspiciously look like bookshelves, I would not put it past Mr. Huckabee and his shameless, undemocratic pandering to a bunch of right wing nutjobs.
Thank God I'm not a Republican. Thank God I am an Atheist. And I've had it with Christmas already.

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