Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hugo Chavez Raids the Temple

My good friends at Guanabee report that the night before the Chávez referendum, the police burst into a Jewish community center in Caracas, looking for arms and explosives. As if!
I'm sure all the ammo they found was smoking hot latkes and centrifugally spinning dreidls.
Chávez is an asshole in more than one regard, and this one is one of the least endearing. His stance as the new leader of the old-school far-left propaganda does not allow him, by protocol, to like the Jews, because it is a tenet of the revolutionaries to be against the Jews, and by corollary, Israel. It's something that unfortunately has always helped the cause (fascists use it in equal measure, complaining of a Jewish Bolshevik conspiracy, so damned if you do and damned if you don't).
As I was reading the post, I scrolled down to see the comments, a strange feeling starting to flutter in the pit of my stomach. I already knew that some dumb fuck would use this inexcusable pretext to lay it on thick about the Jews and Israel and the Palestinians etc, etc. And sure enough, there it was, in all its stupidity:

Which leads me to discuss Palestine and Israel, one of my favorite international topics! So Chavez aligns himself with Iran which in turn supports Palestine… in case you didn’t know (I’m actually sure you didn’t) Israel is one of the MOST oppressive, brutal, and racist states in existence… Am I advocating random raids of Jews? Hell no, but to look at one side and pick without knowing the whole story is dangerous and DUMB (but totally American as well, I guess)! But thats all for now, I have more important battles to fight… specifically the witch hunt happening right now against Latinos in Arizona (and many, many, many other places)! Ciao!

P.S. I can’t believe how many Latinos believe the crap media! You’d think by now we’d know it to be a little suspect…

It is to the credit of Guanabee's sensible commenters that they told this moron to shut her trap. But man, one can't be having a solitary fucking latke without worrying about this kind of shit.

My favorite response was, by the way:

If the Venezuelan police are true Latinos, they probably left the wedding party with a plato wrapped in foil and a table centerpiece as well.

Just like any self-respecting Jew would do. See? We're not so different after all.

Happy Hannukah, everybody!

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  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Supongo que por el título de tu blog guardas alguna relación con América Latina. Y es por eso que he decidido hablarte o escribirte en la lengua que desde el siglo XV se habla desde el Río Grande hasta La patagonia. En principio reconozco la nobleza del pueblo judio; su peregrinación por hallar un sueño de justicia y lealtad . Esto no puede enceguecernos del papel de cierto grupo de judios en el concierto mundial.

    Particularmente hablandote de Venezuela la comunidad judía ha contado con el respeto de todos nuestros gobernantes, incluyendo a Chávez.

    El allanamiento a esa comunidad judía en caracas no es gratuito. Phynchas Brener y la familia Cohen , el rabino de mayor autoridad y una de las familias más pudientes del país, han estado en curso en acciones de comprobadas desestabilizaciones del páis. Una cosa es el soberano ejercicio de la creencia, que merece respeto y otra es buscar el atajo del golpismo.

    Es condición apremiante conocer de lo que se habla antes de soltar la lengua como quien no respeta la inteligencia del otro.

    Ten cuidado de responder a una xenofobia que crees mirar en acciones y palabras que nada tienen que ver con posturas políticas bien argumentadas.

    PD: Recuerda que debajo de la lengua de la amada de Salomón mana leche y miel, jamás odio.