Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mexican Mercy

As we have reported before, Mexico City's lefty government is passing some liberal laws that put in the esteemed company of places like Holland and those godless Scandinavian countries. Good for them. There is now in Mexico City a gay couples law, legal abortion and now a law that helps the terminally ill to refuse to continue treatment to lengthen their lives. All very civilized and merciful if you ask me.
There is only one little catch: one of the law's provisions is that the patient needs to sign his refusal before a notary public. Well, that is going to kill them right then and there. In Mexico, the notary public is not a $2 in-and-out, easy breezy process, like here. In Mexico, going to the notary public is akin to signing up for purgatory, and it is also quite expensive. I can only imagine how expensive it is going to be for one of those rare species of bureaucrat to show up at a terminally ill patient hospital or home. So maybe the lawmakers are, if you excuse the pun, killing two birds with one stone.

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