Thursday, March 18, 2010

Department of Offensive Foodstuffs

The Health Department should ban this revolting thing. I found it in Dumbo, the only place in NYC where there is no decent food to be had. Grimaldi's, Schmimaldis. Pizza doesn't count. Jacques Torres doesn't count. Hecho en Dumbo, the only good place in the foodforsaken neighborhood was only open at night, and it has moved to Manhattan (YAAAAAAY). Best Mexican food in town.

Ground beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and RANCH DRESSING? What the hell? Where's the taco part?  This dish manages to mortally offend both Italians and Mexicans.  Let's declare joint war against American shit like this. Avanti popolo!

Poor, noble, genius taco. I'm still waiting for Americans to understand the concept.
By the way, not to cast aspersions and weaken our budding Italo-Mexican alliance, but any humble taco kicks any pizza's ass.


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM just sounds horrible! maybe it's aimed to those on a diet, you see that and you will NOT eat!

  2. Oh yes... at some point in Germany I saw a restaurant that was supposed to be "Latin" (of some kind, it was called "que pasa") and they had an ad saying "atencion muchachos y muchachas", then they advertised for "new gringo and gringa food" and the food advertised was a currywurst in 3 different spicy sauces with curly fries... I wasn't sure what to be annoyed about... and I'm sure gringos didn't find it amusing either ;)

  3. OMG! Are you for real! My name is Tizoc Schwartz! Quasi JAP, the P for Prince. You read

  4. Hi Tixoc! Thanks for letting me know about Taco NYC! Keep up the good work on behalf of the noble taco.