Thursday, March 25, 2010

To our Health!

I've been watching the passing of the health care bill from the sidelines because I'm exhausted from the topic. I'm glad (and rather suprised) they passed it, it's not what we deserved or demanded, but it will have to do. It's better than nothing.
I hope that Obama takes this opportunity to hold on to his cojones and continue enacting sweeping reversals to the Republican policies that have harmed this country for so many years. It is obvious that bipartisanship is a fantasy, so let's drop the pretense and get things done without it.
After reading the comment section on this interesting article in the NYT that says that the health care bill amounts to a redistribution of wealth, I realized that sane people in high income cities like New York are going to end up paying for the health insurance of the trailer trash idiots that think this bill is marxist and that spit on Black Civil Rights leaders and hurl insults at gay congressmen.
As Obama said in his pep talk to Democrats before the vote, we are doing this for the very people who don't want it. If it was up to me, let them fester with incurable illnesses and no insurance until they cry uncle. They deserve every rotted tooth, every spotted liver, all the diabetes and obesity and heart disease and inner putrefaction that calamity can visit on them. If possible within the the next 4 years, before the bill actually starts working.
And then Sarah Palin's "Don't retreat - reload" comment, what the hell is that? Hankering for a lynch mob, perhaps? Someone muzzle that Nazi bitch already.
All this mass tea bag hysteria is nothing but white racists in a panic. They can complain about taxes, and socialism and their America and whatever you like, but the actual subtext is "the uppity Black man is coming to get us. It's his payback time and we are scared. Plus, we just can't suffer the idea that he is in charge". It is a serious mass delusion with very disturbing roots and it is about time we stop treating it as  ridicule. It needs to be condemned and rejected, not just laughed at. 
It is up to the rest of us, which I'd like to believe constitute the majority of decent, sane, lucid and sensible people in this country, including moderate Republicans who should be dying of shame and anguish, to repel and repulse, ostracize and shrink these lunatics and their media cheerleaders to an irrelevant, inconsequential sideshow.
The Republican Party, I insist, has made a gross miscalculation, and has allowed the criminal, lunatic fringe to rule the roost. The loonies have taken over the asylum. The Republican leadership thinks this will win them votes at the polls. Perhaps on those moronic red states. I believe that their abandonment of moderation, sensibility, responsibility and reason will continue to cost them dearly. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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